Ash Wood Tripod Care

Ash is a very hard and durable wood but some care is needed to keep the finish looking new. Before putting your tripod away wipe the moister off with a clean soft cloth. If you have one of the older standard tripods with the Water Clear lacquer finish then occasionally wipe it down with a good grade of non-pigmented furniture wax. For the hand rubbed oil finish tripods, use a 30% "Boiled" Linseed oil and 70% turpentine mixture (available at most hardware and building product stores such as Home Depot). Please follow the warnings on each can, and apply the oil in a well-ventilated area. Wipe on with a soft rag, let dry for about 20 minutes, and wipe off with a clean lent free rag (such as an old tee shirt). About every 6 months is all that is needed, but you can add coats of oil at any time, if you get it on the aluminum wipe it off with a rag. The bottom of the legs will get marks and dings (so do metal legs) just oil them from time to time (make sure the oil on the legs is dry before you put them on the carpet).