DM-6 Tripod
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DM-6 Standard Tripod. Has hand rubbed oil finish and ridged aluminum perimeter strapping.  Rigidly handles up to 25 pound telescopes.


Made from selected grain Ash Wood

44” Tall  opened (add 5 3/8” to center of DM-6 Alt. Axis), 45” closed to top of Tripod Base.

Hand rubbed oil finish (Standard)

Mounting: 3/8” x 16 thread captive aluminum knob

Weight limit for ridged mounting of telescope 25 lbs (can very depending on length and diameter of telescope).

Load weight limit 200 lbs with straps installed.

Straps can be stored on tripod using center hole and knobs

Optional accessories:

Tripod Tray

DM-6 8” Extender

Walnut or Red Mahogany Stain Call or Email for price quote


Includes Standard Tripod,  Captive Aluminum knob, 3 aluminum support straps, and 6 knobs.





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