8" Tilt-in Saddle-3



In conjunction with Discmounts’ Compatible Dovetail Plates, this allows your telescopes to be quickly and accurately mounted onto the DM-6. The “Tilt-in” feature allows the telescope with dovetail to be tilted into the saddle rather than sliding the dovetail through like competitive saddles. In addition, a captive aluminum knob makes the job a lot easier with no chance of it coming off and getting lost in the dark..

The 8” Tilt-in Saddle-3 now allows the use of the 8” Dovetail Converter. Mount on the Tilt-in Saddle and use your Vixen-style and other 1.5” to 2” wide dovetail plates.


Losmandy “D” Series (G-11) Dovetail plates

DiscMounts' 9" Dovetail plates (Slotted & MP)

DiscMounts' 8" X 1.9" Slotted Dovetail plate (with 8" Dovetail converter)

AstroPhysics (AP) SB0800, SB1000 and SB1500 dovetails (with 8” Dovetail Converter)

Vixen style Dovetail plates (with 8" Dovetail converter)



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