DM-6 Digital Setting Circle (DSC)
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The DM-6 was designed from the start to use Digital Setting Circles (DSC). Not an after thought. Every aspect of the mount and options are designed and manufactured to keep the mount totally orthogonal (at right angles). The box style of the mount and close proximity of the two axis guarantees the two axes are orthogonal. The way the encoders are mounted directly into the ends of the shafts to insure there is solid contact with the encoders, no gear error or belt stretching. Even the orientation of the shafts keeps the cabling safe in the box and eliminates cable wrap. Everything was designed to make sure the DSCs are as accurate as they can be.

The Eyepiece Tray has a special angled platform added to allow a DSC to be mounted under the tray at a convenient angle. This places the DSC at an even more convenient position than the Top Mount, especially when seated. The DSC is attached with velcro or mounting pins to allow easy removal for transport or storage. Eyepiece Tray has four holes for 2” eyepieces and five holes for 1¼" eyepieces. It can be slid off the DM-6 for easy transport or storage. There is even room to mount a small computer. Link to Eyepiece tray page.

Angled mounting shelf is 4" w x 4¼ h with ¼" lip at the bottom.

Encoders are: 2” 10,000 tic Hi Resolution US Digital S2 series, 0.036 deg. each axis.

Encoders, internal cabling, Eyepiece Tray and angled DSC mount. All you need to make your DM-6 PUSH-TO READY.

*DCS and eyepeices not included.






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