4" Tilt-in Saddle-3
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In conjunction with Discmounts’ Compatible Dovetail Plates, this allows your telescopes to be quickly and accurately mounted onto the DM-4. The “Tilt-in” feature allows the telescope with dovetail to be tilted into the saddle rather than sliding the dovetail through like competitive saddles. In addition, a captive aluminum knob makes the job a lot easier with no chance of it coming off and getting lost in the dark.

The 4” Tilt-in Saddle-3 allows the use of the 4” Dovetail Converter. Mount on the Tilt-in Saddle and use your 1.5” to 2” wide dovetail plates.


Losmandy “D” Series (G-11) Dovetail plates

DiscMounts' 7" & 9" Dovetail plates

DiscMounts' 8" X 1.9" Slotted Dovetail plate (with 4" Dovetail converter)

DiscMounts' 1.9" Large Camera Shoe (with 4" Dovetail converter)

AstroPhysics (AP) SB0800, SB1000 and SB1500 dovetails (with the 4” Dovetail Converter)

Vixen style Dovetail plates (with 4" Dovetail converter)




4" Tilt-In Saddle-3 and converter


4" Tilt-In Saddle-3, 4" Converter and various dovetails


Camera mounted close-up

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